• Connect information systems to your management decisions
  • Business Plans, budgets, projections and other defined scope projects.
  • Improve efficiency and timeliness of your management information system
  • Project based accounting solutions

Benefits to you and your company:

Not every business needs a full time Controller or CFO but every business can profit from having access to the advice and experience they can bring to an organization.  Whether your need is for ongoing support or special projects, I have the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations.



Keep from falling behind during staff transitions or short term absences.  Support existing staff with a more experienced finance professional.



Some projects have a high value but it can be difficult to accomplish with day to day duties.  Outside help gets these projects done and providing value quickly.


Increase the efficiency of your accounting system and improve the quality and level of information needed to make informed decisions.


Increase the capability of yourself and your staff to produce and understand financial information and how it helps improve decision making.

"Our projects were completed efficiently; presented clearly, concisely and in as much detail as desired.  The benefits were immediate and we believe will reciprocate in the months and years ahead.  We are so pleased, we brought IPI back to work and will again on further high value projects.

                           - Les F.

“I was able to easily transition to a job as Controller for a major group of companies from my work in the finance industry."

- David P.

“We had a seamless transition from mainly manual processes to a comprehensive system for not only our financial needs but our day-to-day operations as well.  Our sales have grown over 250% and we are still using the same systems."

- Deborah R.

"Ed’s aptitude for working well with Entrepreneurs has earned him a top spot in my recommendations to clients. His ability to look past the financial statements while never losing sight of them, and being able to bring to pass an Owner or Board’s vision make him a valuable resource for any management team."

- Ron F.